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ROSHAWA has a long reputation for quality, performance and innovation.

Quality of final product is determined with quality every step of the production process.

We take meticulous care right from the start in the selection of the cotton we use to spin our Yarn.

Our dedicated, committed and involved cotton selectors at different stations headed by experienced supervisors, spares no pain in the selection of Kapas or Raw cotton available in the market. There are quality checks at every stage of manufacturing starting from Raw Cotton all the way through to Finishing and Coning.

Investments in sophisticated instruments from world-renowned manufacturers like USTER AFIS Pro-2, HVI Spectrum and USTER Quantum are an integral part of the plan to implement Total Quality Assurance.

In conformance with industry norms worldwide, the company has established laboratory facilities at each Unit, equipped with ultra-modern testing instruments.


Cotton undergoes stringent inspection schedules, right from hand classing at fields by experienced hands, and sometimes the brass of the division, to instrumental testing at the state of the art testing laboratory, with upkeep 

of the instruments and calibration done' per laid procedures. 

The in-process materials are inspected at all stages and sub standard materials are either reprocessed or rejected according to severity.


Well defined quality norms are followed to confirm conformity. The outgoing materials are subject to vigilant and stringent quality control inspection almost daily and the lots not complying with our norms are rejected straight away.


The sophisticated and versatile Uster Testing instruments and other popular Instruments are used in testing as throughout the production process.

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