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Welcome to Roshawa Spinning Mills Ltd.

Roshawa Spinning Mils Ltd. is a 100% export oriented yarn manufacturing unit, engaged in producing same percent cotton yarn. This unit has been established in 14 acres of land with 33,264 Ring Spindles. Erection of the unit commenced in 1996 with world class textile yarn producing machineries of European and Japanese origin. Commercial production started in 2003.



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Need reasons to deal with Roshawa Spinning Mills Ltd.

Commitment to Excellence

ROSHAWA as a prime group of apparel industries in Bangladesh is firmly committed to excellence.

Work Ethics

A position work ethic, attraction to order. Claudius have been developed with persistent and meticulous care with a view to achieving ISO certification for competing on a level playground in the highly competitive international market.

Relations with Customers

As manufacturer, we ensure quality control strictly to maintain the high standard and produce at short notice to meet any deadline. We value our customers as business partners.

Quality, Service & Process

You are most welcome to visit our factories in bangladesh which will surely generate confidences in our products, QUALITY, SERVICE AND PROCESS.